How Your Presence Affects Your Business Online Marketing Results

Whether or not you are doing business online marketing for yourself or for another company, you will continuously need to know how you can improve your strategy. Aside from being updated with the latest tools developed to help you promote a business, you will also need to know how you can grow with it. This means your online marketing presence. The more people know you, the better chance you have of getting the business known throughout the world.

I have compiled some tips that will help promote your online presence. These tips will help you become more successful in your venture and will help result to more money for you. Unless you are not interested in these both, you should consider these tips I have compiled below and practice them!

Volunteer for interviews- This is one way you will be able to get people to know about you and your business. Research on website directories that promote products like yours so you can get more people to find them. Share tips about the business and relevant information.

Look for top bloggers- Nowadays, almost everybody has a blog. These blogs also vary in content and topic. If you look for the top bloggers who concentrate on the same area as the business you wish to promote, you will be able to start its business online marketing. Offer these bloggers a free try of the products so they can feature it on their blog.

Join an online community- Aside from having a blog, people are also joining social networking sites such as Facebook. If you join these sites, you will have to comply with the rules before you start an account. In these sites, you can promote the business by giving out free trials, invites to events, and exclusive discounts.

Share your story- Everybody likes a success story. This is why you should share how you were able to come up with the business and let other people know the story behind it. By doing this, you will be shocked by the number of people who will show interest in your product.

Your presence is important in business online marketing. Think of yourself as a celebrity that people will associate with the business you are promoting. If you carry yourself well enough, you will be able to succeed in this marketing strategy.

Online Small Business Internet Marketing Solution To Big Business Profit Problems

Do you think an online small business internet marketing solution could bear the answer to your business profit problems?

Although there is massive potential to make good profits utilising Internet marketing strategies, I don’t think any ONE advertising medium can replace having a good marketing mix.

Let me explain.

As we all know, many offline advertising avenues are quickly going out of date and are being replaced with the easy to use Google solution.

Consumers local, national and globally are rushing to the search engines to quickly find answers to their problems. Rather than turning the pages of the yellow pages, the search engines deliver the solutions at the click of a button.

And with this trend quickly taking hold, small businesses can not ignore the profit potential that lies in having a good online marketing system.

Having said that… I also believe in having a marketing mix. The old saying “The more rods you have in the water, the more fish you’ll catch” deems very true in the business world as well.

I don’t see the Internet ever replacing all offline marketing avenues. The smart operators will definitely have a good online presence… but the savvy ones will have an online presence plus they’ll take advantage of offline gems which are more and more being overseen with the Internet taking such a strong hold.

I’m not talking about the Yellow Pages, or outdated Newspapers as being these golden gems.


What I’m talking about is generating leads from low cost print media, offline lists converted through direct mail promotions and leveraging other brick and mortar businesses to roll out joint venture campaigns.

This is where the big money will be at going forward towards 2020. Having a marketing program that integrates online and offline marketing solutions. When having an online marketing program that complements your offline efforts… in effect, you’ll be in all places at once. Dominating all avenues your consumers may be looking for answers to their problems.

The key to making this work is utilizing offline avenues to generate a list and driving that list to your online marketing system. Driving your leads and prospects online will allow you to build relationships with them utilising online marketing solutions. And may I say, this can be achieved at a very low cost… (how much did sending an email cost the last time you checked? Yes that’s exactly right!)

So when implementing an integrated marketing program that leverages the Internet you truly have a business Internet marketing online small solution to your big business profit problems. It’s just a matter of making it happen now.

Martial Arts Business Internet Marketing Reminders

Just about sixty-three percent of consumers will go to the internet to do research about your martial arts business before they contact you. About eighty-percent will start with a search engine.

Once they land on your site your you have about three seconds to capture their attention. If you don’t have some sort of lead generating and capture device your prospective martial arts student will go right on to the next martial arts business and forget about you.

Use compelling offers and give good value to get a lead into your marketing funnel.

When it comes to search engines.

To stay ahead on Internet Marketing trends it’s best to watch the big boys…

The big boys like Google of course – but also big internet retailers. Why? Because the competition for search engine placement is fierce for these companies.

Competing in your local area for search engine placement is easy compared to what these companies fight for!

So here’s what happened…

Back in April of 2010 Google made changes to their algorithm. One retailer, Ham-Go Dot Com, dropped from 5000 visitors per day to just 1200! OUCH!

Search Engine Optimization is something that needs to be kept up on if you want your martial arts business to remain visible.


- Changes like the one described above.
- New Competition coming into the market.
- And competitors who get savvy.

An 80% drop in your web traffic would not be good thing.

Of course – and 80% increase would be nice wouldn’t it?? So be sure your website for your martial arts school is based on solid marketing principles. Then, maintain your search engine strategy.